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Food Waste Disposer
Hot Water Filter
InSinkErator Water Filters

Keep your water pure and replace your filters

Don't forget to change the filter in your InSinkErator hot tap to ensure that you continue to receive the purest of filtered water.

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Explore our range of disposals and hot taps

Bring a touch of InSinkErator convenience to your home. Choose from a range of steaming hot water taps, food waste disposers and more.

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Food Waste Disposer

What can go down a disposer?

From potato skins to meat bones, InSinkErator food waste disposers can handle almost any kind of food waste. Say goodbye to smelly bins.

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Instant Hot Water Taps & Food Waste Disposers from InSinkErator

Why Choose InSinkErator?

As part of the Emerson Family, InSinkErator has access to some of the finest expert minds in the world in the field of kitchen technology. Thanks to the combined efforts of the business’s in-house design teams, we can offer a variety of steaming hot water taps and food waste disposers that are unmatched in terms of quality and reliability.

Instant Hot Water Taps –Efficiency You Never Knew You Needed

For more reasons than you might think, having a constant supply of near-boiling water at hand is incredibly useful to your day-to-day living and cuts down on your power consumption utilised for heating.

Our range of instant hot water taps places this convenience at your beck and call, and without ruining your existing kitchen aesthetic. Each tap is not only designed with functionality in mind, but is also guaranteed to look good as a natural complement to its surroundings.

Food Waste Disposers –Keeping Your Kitchen Spick & Span

If you often find yourself struggling with wastage in the kitchen, then one of our food waste disposers might be the solution you need.

Enabling you to simply sweep away any unwanted by-products from food, this is a product range that revolutionises how you can best keep your kitchen clean and hygienic. Drawing upon numerous international ideas for inspiration, these disposers not only make things tidier, but also help reduce the waste you’ll generate and your subsequent carbon footprint. Help play your part for a greener tomorrow.