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10 tips for hosting the perfect barbecue this summer

No matter who gets behind the barbecue grill, however experienced they may be, they can still find themselves in a bit of a pickle, ending up with cremated sausages and the one vegetarian burger slipping through the grill grid.

Read some of our hints and tips to keep the event flowing as smoothly as the beer.

1. Select your grilling method
The grilling method you choose to use alters the way your food tastes. Gas burns cleaner, but stick with charcoal if you prefer a smokey, rich taste.

2. Use lemon slices for fish
Fish is also fantastic on the barbecue and is great for those looking for a lighter option. Place lemon slices directly on the grill and slide your fish fillet of choice on top for a rich zesty flavour.

3. Get a good fish slice
To prevent losing a sausage to the coals or flipping a burger to the floor, consider investing in a decent fish slice and a good pair of tongs. Together, these tools will give you the most control and help you keep that grub in line and on the barbie.

4. Use a food waste disposer
The unfavourable side of a great barbecue is the boring and messy clean-up. An InSinkErator® food waste disposer allows food waste to be dealt with hygienically, efficiently and quickly, while reducing odours in the kitchen. Food waste such as chicken wing bones and corn cobs can be ground into minute particles, without the use of blades, and flushed away down the drain.

5. Don't let meat stick to the grill
To avoid those leaner cuts of protein and vegetables sticking to the grill, be sure to brush with a touch of olive oil and a pinch of salt prior to cooking. If cooking lamb, try swapping your pastry brush for a bunch of rosemary, for an aromatic touch.

6. Let your meat sear
Although it is tempting to get flipping as soon as the meat has touched the grill, it is best to leave it to get a good sear. Use your tongs to give the meat a little nudge, and if there is no resistance, it is ready for its almighty flip.

7. Clean with a steaming hot water tap
Barbecuing can be messy work, especially when you have been grilling marinated meats for the masses. Simply run your cooking utensils under an InSinkErator® steaming hot water tap, which provides instant steaming hot filtered water up to 98ᵒC, to easily remove the sticky marinade from your tongs.

8. Don't forget your veggie guests
Vegetarian guests may wish for something more filling than potato salad and a bread roll. Try grilling large Portobello mushrooms, with garlic butter, or halloumi and mixed vegetable kebabs to keep the herbivores from going hungry.

9. Avoid flames
Flames, as in every situation in life, are to be avoided. Food should only be added to the grill once the coals are light grey and glowing, this is when the grill is at its hottest, and the heat is the most evenly distributed.

10. Barbecued bananas are the perfect conclusion
Don’t go extinguishing the coals once the burgers have been removed - barbecued bananas are the perfect treat to end the day with. Carefully make a cut down the centre of your banana skins’ and wedge in a couple of chocolate chunks. Wrap in tin foil and nestle amongst the coals for around five minutes. Serve with toasted marshmallows to recreate a campfire feel.

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