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The Banana Throwing Monkey #SmartDisposer

November 2016

The InSinkErator banana throwing monkey seems to be having a good time! Our mischievous little monkey has been wreaking havoc at InSinkErator HQ and throwing his banana peels all over the place... but we have trained even him to use a food waste disposer. What else can we teach him to do? Follow the action on social media with #SmartDisposer

Keep your eyes open in London over the next few weeks as our monkey makes his travels around the capital on a huge screen.

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Why a food waste disposer?

A cleaner, more convenient and responsible way to dispose of food waste. Eliminate food waste in seconds with a food waste disposer and say goodbye to mess, smelly bins, insects and other horrors that come hand in hand with dirty food waste.

A world of benefits

  • No blades or knives
  • Eliminate food waste in seconds
  • Grind food waste into fine particles that are flushed away through standard plumbing
  • No more food waste in the rubbish bin
  • We take away the hassel of installation when you buy through our online shop
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