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Pumpkin scraps don't have to be messy

October 2016

Quietly disguised behind the shallow ribs and glossy skin of your modest pumpkin awaits a mass of gruesome and hair-raising pumpkin guts - ready to terrify you at the first carve. Mushy pulp and slimy strings of seeds raise a chill in even the most experienced of carvers and is the stuff that kitchen nightmares are made of.

Pumpkin carving is a messy task that leaves household bins overflowing. The vast majority of pumpkins purchased over the ghostly month of October end up dissected to parade a spooky figure to house a candle, in an effort to protect our homes and ward off evil spirits.

However, how do you dispose of the grizzly middle after your handy carving? Composting the unwanted contents of a pumpkin is not only a highly effective method of protecting the environment, but also helps to replenish it. For those unable to compost their unwanted scraps, there is a simple, alternative and sustainable solution, which also saves the distress of an overflowing bin. Our food waste disposers are equipped with top quality stainless steel grinding elements to simply grind bone-chilling pumpkin guts into tiny particles, without the use of blades, and flush them away safely and hygienically down the drain. The haunting waste can then be transported to a waste water treatment centre and converted into soil conditioner or biogas for use as a renewable power source.

The must-have kitchen sink appliance from InSinkErator® offers year-round practical and convenient benefits for every home, significantly reducing the amount of food waste, while increasing hygiene in the kitchen.

Purchase a food waste disposer in our online shop and it includes installation.

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