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How to entertain outdoors – the right way!

July 2016

Entertaining guests outside doesn’t need to demand anything too elaborate; simple food and great company are what make for a fantastic summer garden party.

Here are some of our top hints and tips for the perfect summer gathering.

1. Whether your garden furniture has been tucked away in the garage or the shed, or out to face the elements in the colder months, be sure to give it a good hose down before bringing out the cushions. With or without the sun shining, it should take no time at all to dry. A quick polish of any metal furniture with car wax will keep it water resistant and looking fantastic for longer.

2. A relaxed atmosphere lends to the charm of a summer garden party. If you have more guests than available seats, blankets will contribute pleasantly to a chilled vibe and are perfect for younger guests who will particularly enjoy a picnic-style set-up.

3. Drinks are one of the most important attendees to a garden party, so be sure to offer your guests ample choice. Iced tea is perfect for those guests looking for a non-alcoholic refresher. Brew your tea using an InSinkErator® steaming hot water tap, which provides instant filtered steaming hot water up to 98ᵒC. Steep the tea for around five minutes, remove tea bags and refrigerate. Serve over ice and lemon for the perfect pick-me-up.

4. Let guests help themselves - this isn’t the time or place for any fancy china or serving from the left. Serve food on a dedicated buffet table and arrange drinks in a self-serve fashion. Fill a large container such as a bucket or a wheelbarrow with lots of ice – bottles will stayed chilled whilst also looking great. Multiple drinks stations will also encourage guests to roam and create less of a stationary atmosphere.

5. Finger foods are a great way to reduce on washing up and also further lend to a casual dining experience. Chopping boards also make great serving platters – serve up something delicious and no-one will even notice.

6. Be sure to place dairy-based dips, such as sour cream, on top of a bowl of ice to keep fresh and maximise longevity. This tip will also prevent you from needing to repeatedly run between your gathering and the refrigerator.

7. For a really simple and pleasing dessert, why not serve up strawberries in an ice-cream cone. The simplicity ties in well with a relaxed vibe and also requires next to no washing up. What’s more, an InSinkErator® food waste disposer will perfectly grind up the leafy part of the strawberry into minute particles, without the use of blades, and be flushed quickly down the drain. Top this summery dessert off with a nice dollop of ice cream, made much easier by running the ice cream scoop under an InSinkErator® steaming hot water tap for a few seconds!

8. Uninvited mosquitos can be troublesome party guests. Citronella-based candles will help keep those annoying pests away and are available from most supermarkets. As a bonus, they provide a little light for when the sun sets.

9. If your soirée is proceeding into the later hours of the evening, avoid extension-lead cables being strung across the garden by using solar powered fairy lights to keep your festivity well lit.

10. Don’t forget that warm evenings do not necessarily mean warm nights. Be sure to offer guests blankets to keep warm. You can also use an InSinkErator® steaming hot water tap to make hot chocolate, served perfectly with toasted marshmallows.