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The Best Way To Make Coffee At Home

November 2016

The best way to make coffee at home

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Much to the annoyance of tea lovers, coffee is rapidly gaining popularity across the UK. Consuming 55 million cups domestically as part of a global figure of 2.25 billion every 24 hours, it comes as no surprise that the beans themselves are the world’s second most valuable commodity. Historically guarded with the utmost vigilance, coffee is now a familiar presence on streets across the world. For those on the go, numerous high street outlets can have a cup in your hands in moments, but what’s their recipe for success?

Firstly, begin with a method known as the ‘pour-over’. Pouring water heated to 92-96⁰c over the granules through a filter, you siphon away anything that may distort the taste. A good alternative to kettles can be found amongst a selection of hot water taps so as to prevent boiling. As for the beans, the most flavoursome will be fresh out their packet and kept away from the elements. For best results, use them within 30 minutes, to a ratio of four table spoons of coffee per two six ounce cups. Clocking in at only 3 calories, the renowned early morning kick-starter is in your hands and ready to go.