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Four Christmas Recipes for Busy Mums

Have you been tasked with entertaining the family this Christmas? The best way to keep your guests entertained and fulfilled is to satisfy their stomachs! With this in mind, we have created four easy to prepare recipes that will go down a storm this Christmas. With the help of InSinkErator busy mums can spend more time enjoying their Christmas with the family and less time frantically entertaining guests.

Mulled Wine

A great recipe, which can be made in advance with the mulled orange syrup. This syrup can also be reduced and concentrated by boiling then straining and serving poured into individual glasses and topped with steaming hot water and a dash of red wine. Alternatively this can be reheated with the addition of red wine or cranberry juice, for a non-alcoholic version.

See the full recipe here

Christmas Morning Cranberry Muffins

These delightful Christmas Cranberry Muffins are the perfect end to your Christmas dinner. Easy to prepare, you'll have these delicious treats fresh from the oven in a few minutes flat..

See the full recipe here

Winter Saffron and Cardamom Spiced Chicken with Honey Jam

If you are looking for a filling easy to cook meal that is perfect for Christmas or any other time of the year, you'll fall in love with this Saffron Chicken Recipe.

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Blue Cheese Panacotta with Sticky Winter Pears

If you are a lover of panacotta, this Blue Cheese Panacotta with Sticky Winter Pears will be right up your street. Perfect for the Christmas holidays or any time of the year.

See the full recipe here

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